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2013 Pro Bowl voting is now open

The ballots are now open online at for fans to vote to send their favorite players to the 2013 Pro Bowl.

Kent Nishimura

It's hard to believe that the 2013 Pro Bowl is already a point of discussion, but the voting ballots are now open online as the NFL reaches the mid-point in the regular season schedule. We can debate the finer points of whether the Pro Bowl should change its ways (or even exist), but it's happening this year whether Roger Goodell likes it or not.

That means that some of your favorite players could be honored this winter for their on-field performance. It might not be the most accurate descriptor of the best players on the field, but these credential are often quoted when assessing a player's career.

An appearance could be important down the line for a veteran like Tamba Hali when discussing Hall of Fame merit. It could even come up in negotiations for a new contract for a player like Justin Houston when his time comes.

So who do you think should make the Pro Bowl this year for the Chiefs? Let's hear your ideas below.

Vote for the Pro Bowl here

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