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Raiders vs. Chiefs odds: KC favored, but it's not what you think

The Kansas City Chiefs are two point favorites over the visiting Oakland Raiders for Sunday's game.

Peter Aiken

The Kansas City Chiefs host the Oakland Raiders this weekend at Arrowhead, which is the notable point if you've read the odds for the game. Bovada favors the Chiefs by two points, which after all of the whining and crying about the quality of Chiefs football in recent weeks is an interesting fact -- until you realize that the home field advantage typically yields three-point advantages.

In short, Vegas doesn't really know what to do with this game. Some lines are even while others venture to favor KC by two points. 5Dimes has the Chiefs by 1. You get the idea.

If you read BJ Kissel's column from yesterday, however, you realize that the Raiders have the Chiefs' number at Arrowhead since 2006 -- the last time that KC won against their hated rivals at home. Perhaps the betting world has yet to pick up on that fact. Or maybe they could care less.

What is clear is that both teams are bad enough that it's difficult to tell them apart. The Chiefs hope to create some momentum for themselves coming out of the bye week, and fans can only hope that having Raiders at home is just what the team needed.

Check out all this week's odds at SB Nation.

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