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Chiefs release standing room only tickets for Raiders game

The Kansas City Chiefs have released standing room only tix available for Sunday's AFC West showdown against the Oakland Raiders.


The Kansas City Chiefs announced today that the team would release new standing room only tickets available to fans for $30 for this weekend's game against the Oakland Raiders. It's a move that shows the strength of the rivalry, given that neither team has enjoyed any real level of success in 2012. However, it's hard to deny the experience of a Chiefs-Raiders game in Arrowhead.

As BJ Kissel detailed earlier, it's been a long time since Chiefs fans have observed a win at home over the Raiders. While both teams are miserable this season, the Chiefs are coming off of a bye week and might be healthier than ever this season. The Raiders also have a bit of momentum, if it can be called that, after this weekend's ugly win over the Jags.

The new tickets do not include a seat, but they will get you into an emotional rivalry game.

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