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Sergio Kindle could prove worthy gamble for Chiefs

The Ravens release of Sergio Kindle provides an interesting opportunity on the open market.

Jim McIsaac

Flash back to the BCS Championship game 2 years ago between Texas and Alabama. The Crimson Tide won the game, but one of the players that stood out the most was a Longhorn. Sergio Kindle was all over the field, especially in the Bama backfield.

That game improved Kindle's pre-draft stock in a big way. He was finally out of the shadow of Brian Orakpo, ready to become a high draft pick on his own. Kindle had everything a 3-4 team would want, Speed, Strength, Athleticism and a mean streak.

The Ravens took Sergio in the 2nd round of the 2010 NFL Draft. They were hoping to capitalize on his strong BCS title game performance and strong numbers from the Combine. This never happened.

Prior to training camp, Kindle took a spill down two flights of stairs, fracturing his skull. He sat out the entire 2010 NFL season. He was activated a few weeks into the 2011 season, but appeared mainly on special teams when he was on the active roster.

The Ravens cut ties with the 43rd overall pick from the 2010 NFL Draft on Saturday. If/When he clears waivers this afternoon, the Chiefs need to take a look.

At KC Chiefs Draft, I constantly preach the need to add to the stable of pass rushers. The Chiefs have two threats, and a handful of situational guys. Kindle lined up at many positions during his Texas career. He can add the versatility of moving Tamba Hali around, getting him the best possible matchup.

Sergio Kindle's strengths matchup with what the Chiefs are missing. He is a fierce pass rusher, using his elite speed off the edge to get pressure on the QB. Kindle also knows when to use the bull rush after the OT is off balance expecting speed.

He has a nastiness about him on the football field. Watching him grow up at Texas, I saw multiple big hits and him always having a teammates back. I can't think of a nasty player on this Chiefs defense. This is the same reason resigning Shaun Smith would have been a great idea. He could bring some attitude back to Arrowhead, something that is desperately needed.

Kindle isn't a run stuffer, or good in pass coverage. He struggles in each of these areas. His long arms do cause trouble for QBs throwing lanes though.

When the news broke that the Ravens were activating Terrell Suggs and released Kindle, I was more shocked by Suggs being activated, than Kindle being cut. After that sunk in, I thought this is the type of move that savvy GMs make. Go out and pick up a mid 2nd round pick for nothing.

While I was sitting in the Louisville Cardinals press box, scouting the Louisville USF football game, I was more intrigued by the thought of Kindle in a Chiefs uniform. I put my thought on twitter, and nearly everybody agreed.

With all the talks of Scott Pioli getting an extension, getting fired, Dwayne Bowe possibly traded to the Dolphins, and the QB mess that is Kansas City, this under-the-radar move could be the best of all.

The team I look at when thinking of pass rushers coming from everywhere on the field would be the NY Giants. They have a guy at nearly every position in their front seven that can get to the QB. Even guys in the secondary are sound blitzers in New York. The Chiefs and Giants aren't the same defensively and I know this, but why can't the Chiefs work in a few different looks?

Show a few looks with Kindle and Justin Houston on the outside and DJ and Tamba on the inside. In this look, give Hali the ability to move around. I'm definitely not an x's/o's expert, but you'd have to think more pass rush is a good thing. It covers up the short comings in the secondary.

This signing isn't adding a starter, just another guy to get to the QB. Kindle has too many shortcomings to be a full time player at this point. But, if he is allowed to pin his ears back and go get the QB, Sergio Kindle could be a real asset for the Kansas City Chiefs for a very small price tag.

These are the types of moves that the Patriots made when they were building their championship teams. I look at a similar player in Mike Vrabel. He was on the scrap heap when the Pats signed him before their Super Bowl run. He turned into one of the leaders of the 3-time Super Bowl Champs.

I'm not sure if Sergio Kindle is Mike Vrabel 2.0, but there is no risk in trying.

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