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Chiefs never considered staff changes during bye week

The Kansas City Chiefs had to face a lot of frustrations at the bye week -- typically a point in the season where a team reflects and reacts. Coming into the season, they were expected to contend for a playoff spot. Instead they find themselves at 1-5 and listed as potentially the worst franchise in football.

To that end, it is not a surprise that they announced a significant change on Monday that Matt Cassel would be benched as the starting quarterback in favor of Brady Quinn. But during today's media session, Romeo Crennel was asked if he considered any others than just quarterback.

"Not the same impact. There is nobody that would have that impact other than the quarterback," said Crennel. "That impacts the whole team, so you look at it and you decide what you're going to do and go forward with it."

Crennel was then asked if he considered any changes to his coaching staff during the bye week.

"No. I did not," said Crennel. "I just thought the quarterback position was the one I needed to change."

If the Chiefs still fail to show any signs of life, those changes will undoubtedly come later.

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