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Romeo Crennel: 'I'm changing the dynamic'

Romeo Crennel believed a change was needed on the team and the quarterback position was the greatest place of potential impact to make it.


The Kansas City Chiefs made a major change on Monday with the announcement that Brady Quinn would be the new starting quarterback. It was the biggest change that Romeo Crennel could make as the team's head coach, and it's a sign that something had to be done in light of the team's 1-5 start.

Coming off of the bye, Crennel said he made the announcement to both quarterback around lunchtime on Monday before announcing it to the media.

In his media session today, Crennel led with a length statement about how and why he made the decision to go with Brady Quinn.

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"During my evaluation and trying to impact the team I kind of felt that probably the most impactful move that I could make to get everybody's attention was to change the quarterback, so I'm changing the quarterback and Brady Quinn will be the starter and Matt [Cassel] will be a backup," said Crennel

"I think that that will get everybody's attention, and hopefully that impacts the team, because the quarterback position, that's the one that has the spotlight on it, and it gets criticized and it gets praised, no matter what happens, if it's good or bad. If it's good, it gets the praise, if it's bad, it gets the criticism."

In particular, Crennel noted the "poise" of Quinn in the game against the Bucs, despite the final score of 38-10.

"I thought in the Tampa game he showed some poise, he ran the offense, he was a little rusty, but I think with time and reps and play time, he should improve and get better as we go down the road."

When asked about how the meeting with Quinn went, Crennel said his new starter was obviously excited at the chance to take over the reins.

"He took it like a pro. He sat there pretty much straight-faced, but I felt some excitement emanating from it that here's an opportunity for him. He's going to try to make the best of it."

The Chiefs will find out this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders just how much of the dynamic has really changed.

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