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AFC West standings: Chiefs somehow within 2 games of division lead

As poor as the Chiefs season has been thus far, the team is only two games out from the top of the AFC West with 10 games to go in the NFL season.

J. Meric

For all of the gloom and doom about the Chiefs in 2012, the team is tanking in a season in which the rest of the AFC West isn't looking so hot themselves. Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel have felt the hot seat, and the team deserves much of the criticism placed upon it. They're simply not a good team.

However when it comes to wins and losses, it's interesting to note that the Chiefs are only two games back in the standings with 10 games to play. The team still has both games against the Broncos to go as well, which means the Chiefs are the driver's seat on positioning within the division.

Of course, any hope of making such a move would mean ignoring the mountain of evidence against such a prediction from the first six games. Yet anything can happen in the NFL, and the Chiefs have the talent to play much better than this. Here's your standings:

AFC West Standings

Denver 3 3 0 170 138
San Diego 3 3 0 148 137
Oakland 2 4 0 113 171
Kansas City 1 5 0 104 183

(updated 10.21.2012 at 11:33 PM EDT)

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