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Have Chargers been using banned substance?

The San Diego Chargers are being investigated by the NFL for using a "sticky substance" during their Monday Night Football game against the Denver Broncos


The San Diego Chargers start the week off with an interesting turn -- at least for those outside of the area. For those on the inside, it's going to be a long road ahead trying to dodge rumors, accusations and loss of morale for a fan base wondering why the team has been accused of using a banned substance -- a "sticky substance" -- on the field of play.

The NFL is investigating the team for using that substance during the Monday Night Football game against the Broncos last week.

Bill Williamson of ESPN uses the term Stickum and says it's the same substance used and consequently banned in the early '80s. While the Chargers lost the game, the use of such a substance to try to aid a receiver or ball carrier and gain an advantage is clearly a violation of the rules. He also writes:

This is serious, folks. It's not in the same scope as SpyGate or BountyGate, as those scandals were bigger to the landscape of the game. But it is against league rules and any time a team breaks rules to gain a competitive advantage, the league usually reacts harshly. I'm sure the 31 other teams in the league (Denver particularly) will expect the league to come down hard on the Chargers for this one.

The simple statement from the Chargers on their team site:

"We are aware of the inquiry and we are cooperating fully with the League."

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