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Mike Lombardi: Could Chiefs-Broncos work out Glenn Dorsey trade?

In a recent column at, Mike Lombardi wonders whether the Chiefs and Broncos could work out a deadline trade for Glenn Dorsey.


The trading deadline in most sports is typically far more compelling than it is in the NFL. Trades are simply more complicated in the NFL for a number of reasons -- from a deadline that's far too early in the season to the impact of only having that player for a handful of games when schemes and playbooks are involved. In baseball, you trade for the hitter or pitcher who can help down the stretch, and you can plug them in as easily as you can trade them way. Not so in the NFL.

So it's not likely that the Kansas City Chiefs will really trade anyone away at the deadline despite their losing record and the need to pick up as many future assets as possible in exchange for players who could walk. Dwayne Bowe has been featured in fantastical rumors to the Miami Dolphins in the last week. Now Mike Lombardi is adding another name to the list: Glenn Dorsey. [h/t to Chiefs fanattic for the link]

"The Denver Broncos really need another defensive tackle, and they seem like a team that might be aggressive near the trading deadline, possibly one willing to give away a 2013 draft pick for a player who can solidify the middle of the defense. The potential trade partner would have to be a team out of postseason contention with a free agent-to-be.

"Would Sedrick Ellis of the New Orleans Saints qualify? Only if the Saints keep losing. How about Glenn Dorsey of the Kansas City Chiefs? Only if the Chiefs are not planning on bringing him back. With the deadline extended this season to the Tuesday after Week 8, these potential scenarios will get interesting."

Note that this is not a rumor. Lombardi is not reporting what he has heard from a team source. Instead it's simply conjecture at this point. And on a dead Saturday night in the middle of the Chiefs bye week, it's an interesting proposition to discuss.

The Chiefs have to decide what they are going to do long-term with Dorsey at the same time they have to answer questions about Dwayne Bowe, Dustin Colquitt, Branden Albert and Tyson Jackson among others. That's a lot of players requiring a lot of attention at the same time.

What should the Chiefs think of Dorsey in a year where he's been injured for several weeks? If anything, it's a sell-low proposition. While Dorsey's injuries have hurt the Chiefs on the field in 2012, it could actually help them in terms of signability. Dorsey is now damaged goods. In a contract year, he picked the wrong time to disappear onto the injured list. It wouldn't surprise if Dorsey was willing to take a one-year deal to reestablish his stock. Would he stay put in a familiar place to do so? That's possible.

To trade Dorsey in mid-season during an injured year is likely to sell him for pennies on the dollar. How great of a draft choice could the Chiefs really get from Dorsey? It would likely be a pittance compared to the bonus of having him around -- perhaps the most talented and veteran defensive end next to burgeoning young players like Dontari Poe and Allen Bailey.

What's your take on potentially trading Dorsey or not? Bad idea? Good idea? Let's hear your thoughts below.

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