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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 10/20

Today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet!


Good morning! Today's the big day for Joel and I want wish him and the bride all the best in their future together. We'll now kick off today's Kansas City Chiefs news with the Chiefs Kingdom on Chris Sembower (congrats on all your success, Chris). Enjoy! Video: Chiefs Kingdom: Chris Sembower

Stretching The Field: Chiefs Have Some Work To Do from KC Star

Desire, dedication, determination.

Those were three keys to success for former NFL head coach Dennis Green. His Minnesota Vikings were able to put the troika into effect and should have won the Super Bowl back in 1998.

Romeo Crennel could take a note from Green's coaching philosophy because the Kansas City Chiefs' season so far has been scathing for fans after six weeks. Crennel and the Chiefs are on a much-needed respite with a Week 7 bye and have lost five of the first six games.

Fans Are Voicing Displeasure With Chiefs from The Examiner

Fans are reacting. Might be overreacting, but regardless it'll cause empty seats. I'd like that to not happen. It took too long to build Arrowhead back up. I don't like the thought of fans taking off the red and gold and leaving their jersey in the seat. It's the house that Marty Schottenheimer helped make, the place Derrick Thomas called home.

Think of Len Dawson, he's there every home game. What's he think? I'm sure he's not happy.

Q&A With Author Of 'Martyball' from KC Star

With the Chiefs floundering, it's a good time to remember better times at Arrowhead Stadium and the Marty Schottenheimer era provided them. Several chapters of Schottenheimer's biography, written with former Star sportswriter Jeffrey Flanagan, who now writes for Fox Sports Kansas City, are devoted to his Kansas City years.

"Martyball," published by Sports Publishing, is available in area bookstores, online and at The Kansas City Store.

Iowa Tabs Casey Wiegmann As 1st ANF Honoree from The Gazette

Wiegmann, 39, never lived on a farm. But residing in an Iowa farming community, he understood its impact. According to a plaque in the northwest corner of Kinnick Stadium - now known as ANF (America Needs Farmers) Plaza - Wiegmann also embodies everything that represents an Iowa farmer.

Wiegmann is the first inductee on the ANF Wall of Honor, which will be awarded annually to a former Iowa player "who exemplifies the tenacity, work ethic and character of the Iowa farmer, qualities that have helped Iowa remain the leading agricultural state in the nation."

Nevada Residents Asked To Make Pledge Today For Healthier Lifestyles from The Joplin Globe

The walk, which begins at 11:10 a.m., will be followed by a canvas signing, where participants will be asked to pledge to be a part of a healthier Nevada. Beginning at 11:30, residents may participate in a wellness fair, family and kids activities, and see appearances from KC Wolf and the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders.

In recent weeks, Healthy Nevada has been reaching out to local schools, the community and employers as part of the citywide initiative, Cox said.

NFL Kicker Cautions Students Against Following False Idols from The Christian Post

Ryan Succop, 26-year-old Kansas City Chiefs kicker, may work hard on the football field, but the Christian NFL player also shares his faith and recently did so with over 300 Missouri students.

Succop appeared before 350 middle school and high school students at the Harrisonville Memorial Stadium in Missouri recently where he spoke about his faith while cautioning the children from different school districts against worshipping idols.

Seahawks, 49er Must Improve Pass Attacks; NFL Round Up from

The Denver Broncos really need another defensive tackle, and they seem like a team that might be aggressive near the trading deadline, possibly one willing to give away a 2013 draft pick for a player who can solidify the middle of the defense. The potential trade partner would have to be a team out of postseason contention with a free agent-to-be. Would Sedrick Ellis of the New Orleans Saints qualify? Only if the Saints keep losing. How about Glenn Dorsey of the Kansas City Chiefs? Only if the Chiefs are not planning on bringing him back. With the deadline extended this season to the Tuesday after Week 8, these potential scenarios will get interesting.

Jets Look To Slow Brady, Pats' Up-Tempo Offense from The Wall Street Journal

The Patriots ran 94 offensive plays two weeks ago against Denver and gained a team-record 35 first downs in a 31-21 victory. They have run 473 plays from scrimmage in six games, an eye-popping average of nearly 79 offensive snaps a game. That's 39 plays more - over half a game's worth for most teams - than the Kansas City Chiefs, who are second in the league with 434.

NFL Alphabet Preview: Week 7 from CSNNE

You give any quarterback in this league time to throw (Correction: Any non-Kansas City Chiefs quarterback), and there's a good chance he'll make you pay. You give a future Hall of Famer enough time and he'll leave you naked on the side of the road sucking your thumb in the fetal position.

NFL, Union Try To Change Culture On Concussions from The Associated Press via KC Star

Still, it's a violent game at the highest level, played by physical specimens who work themselves into a fervor. Their careers are short, their pain thresholds are high, their dedication to each other often immeasurable.

"The doctors, the medical staff," says Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, who sustained a concussion earlier this month, "are there to protect you against yourself a lot of times."

The Hierarchy Of Hypocrites from Grantland

The Profoundly Depressing Chiefs Bye Week (+6) over the Profoundly Depressing Chargers' Bye Week

And here's why ...

Matt Cassel (-1) over Brady Quinn

That's an actual choice for Chiefs fans next week. Photo Gallery: Foto Friday Justin Houston Video: Under The Helmet: Edgar Jones

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