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NFL power rankings for Week 5: Starting QBs, Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi highlight Chiefs

More NFL power rankings from around the web -- and the Chiefs aren't dead last!

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

You've seen SB Nation's 2012 NFL power rankings for Week 5 where the Kansas City Chiefs are ranked 29th. And you've seen my explanation for putting them 29th.

Now here are a few more NFL power rankings from around the web and the reason to celebrate: the Chiefs aren't the worst team in the NFL! Woohoo!!

This is the life we lead right now: a reason to celebrate is that the Browns and Jags are worse than the Chiefs.

The rest of the NFL power rankings this week:

ESPN: 27

If the Chiefs had a better backup quarterback, would he be playing now?

FOX Sports: 28

The Chiefs outgained the Chargers in the air and on the ground, but you simply can't win a game with six turnovers. Were those "Stanzi! Stanzi! Stanzi!" chants coming from the crowd at Arrowhead?

Shutdown Corner (Yahoo! Sports): 25

How bad has Matt Cassel been? In this poll at the Kansas City Star's website, fans can vote on who they want to start for the Chiefs against the Ravens this week. As of Monday night, Brady Quinn is in the lead with 80 percent. Eighty percent! Brady Quinn! I wonder what the results would have been if the choices had been "Matt Cassel" and "Find Elvis Grbac, hose him off, and put him under center."

SB Nation (GIFs edition): 30


Chiefs fans can't catch a break.

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