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Ravens coach: Chiefs are 'capable of beating anybody'

The Ravens won't be overlooking the Chiefs (but which team ever plans to overlook someone?).

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Even though the Baltimore Ravens have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs fairly handily in recent years I like the Ravens. Their coach, John Harbaugh, seems like a good one, taking over an already good Ravens team and keeping them good. Not always an easy task.

Harbaugh understands what the Chiefs are going through right now and understands their problems -- turnovers. A 1-3 team who has been blown out three times (and for a half in New Orleans) isn't exactly intimidating but Harbaugh says the Ravens will not overlook the Chiefs.

'So, if they clean that up, obviously they're capable of beating anybody," Harbaugh said, via the (other) AP. "They were predicted in the preseason to be a playoff team, and they're still the same team. We'll be ready. We're not going to overlook them.''

The Chiefs are capable of beating a lot of teams if they play the way so many of us thought they would.

And I'd like to find the coach who says his team will overlook the opponent, but that's for another day.

The Chiefs' hope in this one is to catch the Ravens off guard. Protect the football, run the ball and play good defense is the key to winning any game in the NFL and that's true for the Chiefs as well. But turnovers become especially important against a defense like the Ravens because they can create a lot of them. The Chiefs have to be on point. Simply not beating themselves with silly turnovers will go a long way to making this game competitive.

As a Chiefs fan, that's all I'm looking for right now -- stay competitive.

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