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NFL power rankings Week 5: Chiefs fall again, one of NFL's worst teams

The Chiefs are now the 29th ranked team in the NFL.

Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Kansas City Chiefs 2012 NFL power rankings have gone like this so far:

Week 1: 23

Week 2: 25

Week 3: 28

Week 4: 25

And now, for Week 5, the Chiefs are ranked 29th. I made the rankings over at and I had to put the Chiefs that low, and I'm expecting some feedback that they're not low enough. I have the Chiefs behind the Saints, even though they beat New Orleans, because KC's losses are so pathetic.

My blurb on the Chiefs at No. 29:

Yes, the Chiefs beat the Saints so they should be ahead of them, but Kansas City has looked so miserable in its three other games, all blowout losses. The Chiefs apparently like to lose in style.

You could make an argument they should be even lower. Three of their losses are blowouts -- minus 48 points on the season (not as bad as Oakland, who is at -58, or Tennessee, who is minus 70).

Check out the full list of power rankings here.

Agree or disagree with the Chiefs ranking?

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