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One week into the new Arrowhead Pride: Give us your feedback

We are one week into the latest chapter in the history of Arrowhead Pride and SB Nation and it's time to give you all some updates about the new site, fixes we're implementing/have implemented and where to continue to receive answers to your questions.

Last Thursday, I answered a number of questions in this thread so make sure you check that out. I talked about the layout, where to find FanPosts and Fanshots, and more. I also answered a lot of questions in the comments so read through those too.

You should also take a look at the fantastic SB Nation United guide our UCLA Bruins site Bruins Nation created. Swap out "Bruins" for "Chiefs" and it's pretty much the same thing.

First, let me rattle off a number of the fixes that our product team has made since launch, much of it based on your feedback:

1. Comments load much faster and the yellow and green on new and rec'd comments has been made more noticeable.

2. New today, there is now a timestamp on each story on the front page of the site. This should really help you determine which stories are new and help you adjust to the new layout.

3. While we still have a ways to go on improving the mobile version of SB Nation sites, you should have seen a noticeable improvement in load starting this past weekend. We really want to get mobile right ASAP so please leave any feedback you have on the current mobile experience in the comments.

Next, things that are on the list to be fixed/changed:

1. The new/unread comment count doesn't always show up correctly on the home page.

2. Sometimes the time zone jumps around on the timestamp on the home page.

3. When we insert a non-Arrowhead Pride story into the home page layout, you can't tell that it is from a different site. We are working on creating a call out to the link source in the layout.

4. Author bylines on stories in the cover on the home page so you know who wrote what.

5. We are going to fix the issue with missing content in the mobile apps.

6. We're still working on IE 8. Most everything should be functional for users of this browser, but we still have visual improvements we're making.

Things Joel and I are working on for Arrowhead Pride specifically:

1. Coming up with creative ways to group our content and place it on the home page. See the Columnists group on the home page or the Best of SB Nation NFL Blogs on the home page for examples.

2. Finding better ways to feature our columnists and FanPosts.

Finally, give us your feedback. What else can we improve?

I hope this shows that we take your feedback to heart and act on it as quickly as we can. I know you all are just like me - you want to the best online Chiefs experience possible and we're working to give that to you.

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