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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel talks Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn and what a QB change could look like

Crennel talked about what he would have to see to bench his starter.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Romeo Crennel stuck by Matt Cassel's side on Sunday saying, "I'm sticking with the quarterback," and on Monday he did the same, confirming Cassel was his QB.

But he did talk about what a quarterback switch could look like. Crennel was asked what it would take to make a change at quarterback and he said:

"At some point, as a coach, you go through and you see what's happening in the game, how a guy is reacting and how he's responding to what's happening in the game," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "If you feel that he's inept, constantly making poor decisions, bad choices, then that's when you move on from him and give someone else a chance. Sometimes it's just a chance. You pull him out, put somebody else in, let him settle down and maybe he goes back in."

Even more interesting, Crennel said it would not be difficult to go back to the starter if he were benched at some point.

"It's not difficult because the starter is still the starter. If you just take him out for a series, you've taken him out for a series and put somebody else in. You can put somebody else in the game. It does not say you can't put him back in if you take the guy out."

It's almost as if he's setting it up for what will happen.

When asked if Brady Quinn would see more snaps this week, Crennel said: "We'll see as the week goes on."

Crennel could've given a definitive answer. But he didn't.


After hearing him say that, I gotta think a quarterback change is at least a possibility, which is more than we could say about Cassel in the Todd Haley era.

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