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Which two Chiefs are standing out according to Pro Football Focus?

According to the latest from Pro Football Focus, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson and left tackle Branden Albert are having themselves pretty good seasons in two respective areas.

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Peter Aiken

According to the stat-based website Pro Football Focus, Derrick Johnson is currently second in the NFL among linebackers at 'Run Stop Percentage".

We here at PFF think that there should be a better comparative stat to measure a linebacker’s run-stopping ability. The statistic we came up with is called Run Stop Percentage. This Signature Stat tells us all the important things that basic tackle numbers don’t, looking at where a tackle happened and whether it represented a win for the defense in terms of yardage.

This is obviously just one aspect of Johnson's game that is being broken down and much has been made of his struggles early in the season in pass coverage. It may have been a lingering foot injury, scheme issue, or that he just flat-out wasn't playing well against the pass. But according to these numbers there's nothing wrong with his run-stopping ability.

It's not too surprising after looking at these numbers as to why Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs running game struggled against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have two linebackers (Mason Foster, Lavonte David) in the top 6 in this category.

When we switch over to Branden Albert we're talking about "Pass Blocking Efficiency". Albert currently sits tied for 5th in the NFL in total pressures allowed based on the number of snaps played.

The formula is simple enough: the total combined pressure (with hits and hurries weighted as three quarters the worth of sacks) divided by number of pass blocking snaps, multiplied by (and then removed from) 100 to give a figure where the closer to 100 you are, the better you’ve performed.

Albert is in a contract year and he's doing everything he can to show the Chiefs he deserves to get paid with a long-term extension. Much of the talk recently has been about the impending situation with Dwayne Bowe, but people need to not forget about Branden Albert. Getting a long-term deal done with Albert would go a long ways in giving the team options with Dwayne Bowe at the end of the season.

Side note. When you look at the bottom 15 names on that chart you'll see some familiar names including our former right tackle, Barry Richardson.

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