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Are the Chargers close to making sweeping changes?

The Chiefs aren't the only team in the division who look like they're close to making sweeping changes to their front office and staff.


If there's a single team in the AFC West that's likely to make significant and sweeping changes across the board, the vote would likely go toward the Kansas City Chiefs. After all, every local sportswriter has already called for a massive overhaul involving the front office and coaching staff. Fans have also joined in the mix with a banner flying over Arrowhead cheering for the same.

The Chiefs might not be the only team, however, looking for a series of changes. The San Diego Chargers are struggling as of late and it's a trend that cannot continue. While they might have a hold on first place in the AFC West, that's only due to the lack of competition in the NFL's worst division.

General manager A.J. Smith realizes that changes are likely going to come if Norv Turner cannot right the ship on the field since the team has lost three of their last four games.

"I take full responsibility for the present mess this team is in at this point in time," Smith said recently. "The construction and direction of this organization is on my watch. In the next 10 games we will either rally and see a slow, steady rise from the ashes to a division championship - or the beginning of a new era in Chargers' football."

For all of the on-field talent, the Chargers have never won a championship or even enjoyed the deep playoff runs the team has been expected to enjoy. Instead, they've been labeled disappointments again and again. Over the last two years, the team hasn't even won the division despite the mediocre competition they face.

The Broncos completely turned things over just two years ago and the Raiders did the same last year. If the Chiefs and Chargers join the mix in the next 12 months, the entire division will have endured an overhaul in three years. If anything, it's a symbol of just how underwhelming the AFC West has been for some time.

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