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The Chiefs need to step up and show some passion

The Kansas City Chiefs need to show the same emotion as their fan base.

Jamie Squire

I live in New York, where the fans of their respective teams think they're the most knowledgeable, passionate group in the world.

When the Yankees win a World Series, everybody exults as if they donned the pinstripes, even if they can only name Derek Jeter and whats-his-face at second base.

Most New Yorkers are embarrassing fans, save the Knicks and Rangers. It's front-runner central, a place where winning is looked upon with an about-time gaze. If you're losing, nobody shows up and more disgracefully, nobody bothers to care.

Kansas City is the anti-New York. You people have been subjected to some of the worst baseball ever played in the last 25 years from the Royals. Even worse, the Chiefs have tortured everyone since winning the Super Bowl in 1969. Whether it was 20 straight years of ineptitude, a decade of oh-so-close under Marty Schottenheimer or the dysfunction of the current regime, disappointment has been easier to find than a good barbeque joint.

I went out to Arrowhead Stadium with my Dad in 2007 and couldn't believe the amount of passion shown by the fans. Everywhere I went that weekend, people were wearing red and constantly chatting about the team. All of this would've been impressive if the Chiefs were good...they were 3-4 and had Brodie Croyle starting at quarterback.

The Kansas City fans deserve better than getting a bunch of excuses from the suits that are seldom seen. I don't expect firings to take place during the season with the exception of Romeo Crennel, who shouldn't be on the sideline another second. However, Scott Pioli should be ousted and sent to exile, never to be seen or head from again.

Sure, Pioli has brought in some talent but he's failed miserably when it comes to creating a winning atmosphere with a solid coaching staff. Pioli, a New York native, is too concerned with his ego and outward appearance and not bothered enough by this 1-5 start.

Accountability starts at the top, and the Chiefs lack it in spades. The coach is always clueless at the podium as to what the problems are. He's then followed by Pioli giving a bunch of cookie-cutter answers on the radio this week.

I've never been a big protest guy, but there have been rumblings recently of blacking out Arrowhead against the Cincinnati Bengals on Nov 18. It's a great idea, showing ownership that the fans are fed up with the lack of winning and demanding change.

The organization needs to match the passion displayed by the fans who populate the stands. Clark Hunt should be furious about what's going on and not accept it. Sweeping changes should be made to the front office with a fist-full of blank checks in one hand and scouting reports of every quarterback prospect in the other.

The Chiefs need to get serious about winning a championship, and not just dream about it. Dreaming is for losers, they're too busy thinking about what may happen and not making it a reality.

Hunt needs to bring this once proud franchise off it's knees and stop dreaming, have some passion, and start doing.

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