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About that big Dwayne Bowe trade rumor

It doesn't add up.

Peter Aiken

As many of you know I'm getting married this weekend so family and friends are starting to come into town to get ready for the big day. My brother, Chris, came into town yesterday, plus some other family members, so I've been busy and missed much of the Dwayne Bowe stuff from yesterday.

I had several people ask me about the generic "Bowe rumors", "You think Bowe's going to Miami?" and things like that. I expected to see some juicy reports about this when I finally sat down to check it out.

Instead we have this. This is the exchange that set off the firestorm, between Yahoo! Sports Jason Cole and WQAM in South Florida:

WQAM: I'm reading here, Jason, here (on ESPN Insider) that the Dolphins are in talks with the Chiefs for a "Big name player".

Cole: "It'd probably be Dwayne Bowe."

WQAM: Do you think they're in talks with Dwayne Bowe, having that conversation?

Cole: "Yeah, they've having the conversation. That would make some sense to me on that one."

WQAM: So can we replay it is as "Jason Cole of Yahoo! thinks the Dolphins could be in talks with Bowe?"

Cole: "I think, I don't know. I haven't verified it. Based on things I know about Dwayne Bowe and how that's going it's probably Dwayne Bowe."

That's how all this started! LOL.

So ESPN Insider, which throws shit against the wall, threw the Bowe story against the wall and, because Cole thought that story was logical, the radio station is pumping this as an exclusive, to the point where Cole had to clarify things on Twitter later on.

Cole went on to say say a few more things about Bowe in that interview, he referenced "alligator arms" (Note to self: Bowe's agent may not be a source for Cole.). He also said that Bowe wants out of KC, which is the newsy part here, but also seems more like reading the tea leaves than anything.

Bowe wants to get paid. The Chiefs haven't paid him. It makes sense then that Bowe wants out of Kansas City.

That's how the thought process goes.

Is anyone surprised by a report that Bowe wants out of KC? Been there, done that.

So will the Chiefs trade Bowe? Maybe. Maybe not. But he's one of the big names out on the trade market so expect to hear more reports of teams talking to the Chiefs and talking to Bowe's camp. I don't know whether it'll be true, but the rumor mill will be churning.

That's important to keep in mind as the trade deadline gets closer -- there's going to be a lot of Bowe trade talk going on. Keep in mind the history of the NFL trade deadline -- big deals rarely get done.

OK, back to wedding planning.

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