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Dwayne Bowe reportedly wants out of Kansas City

In a story that's a bit flimsy and not all that surprising, Jason Cole of Yahoo! is reporting that Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City.

Peter Aiken - Getty Images

To say that Dwayne Bowe could be unhappy in his current situation with the Chiefs is not newsworthy in the slightest. The talented veteran wide receiver held out this summer from the team's preseason workouts and activities, and his long-term position within the organization has been debated at various times. However, a new report from Yahoo! Sports reporter Jason Cole states that Bowe apparently has a renewed vision for making it out of Kansas City.

After a dust-up of false rumors circulating online that the Chiefs and Dolphins were discussing a trade involving Bowe, Cole backed out of any such statements but left with a defining one:

Cole's statement is interesting for one primary reason: the "very badly" part. While it's natural to assume that Bowe is, at the very least, interested in doing right by his pocketbook versus the interests of the team, Cole apparently has reason to believe that Bowe has fresh reasons to want out of Kansas City.

The Chiefs could franchise Bowe once again, but this offseason they face decisions on several players including Glenn Dorsey and Branden Albert. If they can only franchise one player, Bowe could walk.

For now, any stories about potential trades or Chiefs roster moves in the offseason are unfounded and without merit. What can be said is that Bowe is unhappy.

Then again, how surprising is that for any player on a 1-5 team that is widely considered among the worst football teams in 2012? It's possible this isn't really news at all.

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