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Chris Sembower hits the big screen

The Chiefs artist will appear on Chiefs Kingdom.

Chris Sembower

Chris Sembower is officially big time.

Sembower, our favorite artist around here, is hitting the big screen with an episode of Chiefs Kingdom all about him. The Chiefs Kingdom show takes a look at unique Chiefs fans and there aren't many fans more unique than Sembower.

Here's a preview of the Chiefs Kingdom show, featuring plenty of yours truly hyping him up.

We filmed this awhile back and I was honored to be included in the story of one of the greatest Chiefs artists of all time. It was a lot of fun looking through the history of Posterized to pick my favorite one. I said on the show that Romeo's Gatorade bath was my favorite one but since then I think I'm changing that to the Hali / Ali one.

Check out the sneak peek at the Chiefs website. Read more about Chris at his website.

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