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The Chiefs and upcoming NFL trade deadline

The Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) have had an abysmal start to their season and with the trade deadline less than two weeks away, could we see the Chiefs make any moves with their current players?

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The NFL isn't like Major League Baseball or the NBA when it comes to blockbuster moves around the trade deadline. It just doesn't happen as frequently. There was the Roy Williams from Detroit to Dallas trade a few years ago and we all saw how that worked out for Dallas (not very well).

Other than that trade there haven't been too many big name guys floating around. Maybe the Randy Moss trade from New England to Minnesota a couple of years ago, but Moss was past his prime and New England knew that, Minnesota learned pretty quick.

With the trade deadline of October 30th approaching, combined with the overall terribleness of the Kansas City Chiefs team up until this point in the season, it begs the question as to whether or not the Chiefs might be interested in some kind of a trade and which players could potentially be on the 'chopping block'?

There are a few obstacles that might get in the way of a potential trade. First, Scott Pioli's standing with the organization. Nobody really knows what's going on with these rumors of a contract extension offer to Pioli that was then debunked by the KC Star. But if there is ANY doubt on Pioli's future with the team from those in charge, could a hammer be dropped on his ability to make any mid-season trades? I would think so.

Second, what does it say to the rest of the team if you start making trades before the season is even half-over? Many fans might shrug this off and say, "Who cares?, they're losing". But I guarantee those players care and it'd be a hard sell to convince them you haven't given up if you ship off, say, your best wide receiver. Not Breaston, the other one that is in the game.

The most obvious obstacle is which players could be involved and what would you take as compensation for them? Also, which teams might be interested in said players?

I think the most obvious candidate for the Chiefs as far as outside interest would have to be wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Whether or not the Chiefs should keep him and whether they will keep him are two entirely different things. If the Chiefs aren't prepared to match the contract demands for a long-term deal that Bowe is seeking AND the ORGANIZATION has decided that they aren't going to keep going for 'it' this season, you'd have to make this move.

I don't think anyone disagrees on how important Bowe is to this offense. But if he's looking at being a top five paid wide receiver and we aren't giving that to him (even if you disagree with this), what kind of compensation would you need for him to make this move? Two seconds'? A second and a third? A first?

Other players that could potentially be shopped around might be Steve Breaston, Glenn Dorsey or Tyson Jackson. Breaston just seems to have disappeared for this team as an option at wide receiver. He's under contract for the next three years at $5 million, $5.2 million and $6.3 million as far as cap hits are concerned. He could be a good fit with a team with a more steady quarterback situation.

Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson are on here because of their contract situations. Dorsey could walk after this year and I have a hard time believing the team isn't at least somewhat aware of their chances on re-signing the former No. 5 overall pick. If they don't think they can/will re-sign him after the season, maybe they see if they could get anything for him. I'm not sure there's a lot of value out there for him right now.

Jackson is on here for the same reason but any trade with him would HAVE to involve an extension because of the $14 million he's due next season. I don't see the Chiefs paying him that money unless they get an extension worked out. He's either restructuring with an extension or getting released and free to go wherever he wants.

Are there any other players that could have value on the trade market right now and what would it take for you to pull the trigger on any of these moves?

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