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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel on criticisms: Just win a ballgame

That's all they can do. (Well, they could lose more.)

Kyle Rivas Getty Images Sport

It can't be easy being Romeo Crennel these days. Chiefs fans are pissed at the 1-5 start and Crennel, along with GM Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt, are in leadership positions throughout the organization. They're all (rightfully) sharing the blame.

It's a little different for Crennel because he's the face of the organization, the only one who talks to the media at least four times a week during the season.

Crennel was asked how he approaches the situation the Chiefs find themselves in.

"Well, I think you put on the blinders and try to forge ahead because there is nothing that we can do about what's said other than win a ballgame," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "If we win a ballgame, then some of those comments kind of get tempered a little bit. If we can win another one, then they get tempered a little more.

"That's the best thing that we can do is to win a ballgame."

Pretty soon, some Chiefs fans will be cheering for the team to know, once the season isn't a lost cause. They'll be hoping for good draft position and right when you want the Chiefs to lose, to sew up that No. 2 overall pick, they'll go on a tear and win their final four games.

It will be a very Chiefs ending to this season.

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