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Grading Brady Quinn after 1 game for the Kansas City Chiefs

What grade would you give the Chiefs QB?

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

Looking back on it, Brady Quinn performed pretty much how I thought he would. The bar was set so low that as long as he didn't totally implode, it'd be about what we expected.

Before the game I laid out three keys to success for Quinn:

1. Two or less turnovers

Verdict: Only two picks! Hooray!

2. Surpassing the Cassel line

Verdict: Quinn completed 57.8 percent of his passes, slightly better than the Cassel line (57.3 percent)

3. Three downfield passes (20-plus yards or more)

Verdict: Denied. Quinn completed passes of 19 (twice) and 18 yards.

So he was close to what I called a successful day.

A couple other notes:

  • Under Quinn the Chiefs only had 80 yards rushing. Under Cassel, they've had outings of 152, 150, 273, 115 and 214 yards.
  • Quinn had 4.7 yards per attempt on Sunday. Cassel has 5.5 yards per attempt on the season.

So, what's the final grade for Brady? Can he avoid the failing grade? Pick up a C?

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