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'Is Steve Breaston still a Chief?' and other tweets

The Chiefs receiver is M.I.A.

Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

To answer your question: Yes, Steve Breaston is still on the Kansas City Chiefs roster. The better question might be why he is.

This isn't an attack on Breaston -- he's a fine player -- but the Chiefs for whatever reason simply do not use him anymore. It's weird. Last week he had six snaps against the Ravens. This week that number actually dropped -- four snaps against the Bucs.

What the heck is going on here? Why is Breaston, who signed a multi-year deal last year, sitting on the bench? Here is his percentage of snaps this season compared to Jon Baldwin (Breaston on the left).

Week 1: 50 / 32

Week 2: 55 / 52

Week 3: 50 / 63

Week 4: 19 / 75

Week 5: 8 / 76

Week 6: 6 / 61

I don't understand it and it doesn't seem anyone else does either.

It's Game Time.

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