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The Kansas City Chiefs look like the worst team in the NFL

Sure seems like it.

J. Meric - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of five teams in the NFL with just one win on the season through the first six weeks. That qualifies them for the worst-team-in-the-NFL discussion.

Here's who the Chiefs are competing with for the NFL's title of the worst: Browns (1-5), Jaguars (1-4), Raiders (1-4), Panthers (1-4) and Saints (1-4).

The Chiefs, of course, are 1-5.

I have to give my vote to the Chiefs. I still think they have more talent than at least three of the teams on that list above but they've done nothing to prove that. It's making me look silly even referencing the talent on the team. It's great to have a bunch of individual talent but it doesn't really matter if you keep getting blown out week after week.

The Chiefs have earned the title of the NFL's worst.

  • They've been blown out in four of their five losses
  • They haven't led all season
  • The head coach doesn't know what's wrong
  • Their offense is ranked 30th in the NFL
  • Their defense is ranked 29th
  • They're incredibly inconsistent
  • They have more injuries this year

There's nothing that this team does really well on a consistent basis. Even Jamaal Charles has had two games this year where he disappeared. The offensive line is supposed to be better. The receivers are supposed to be better. The quarterback -- well, damn. The rest of the team is supposed to be a lot better.

I can see the talent if you go player-by-player but that means absolutely nothing if the Chiefs are going to give up 38 freakin' points to the Bucs in Week 6.

Is the NFL's worst team in Kansas City?

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