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The Kansas City Chiefs still own the worst stat of the year

They still haven't led in a game.

J. Meric - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs have the most depressing stat i can remember seeing in a long, long while.

We're sitting here with Week 6 done and over with and the Chiefs have not led a game yet this year.

Yes, they won one. They beat the Saints. But that came on a kick in overtime. So the Chiefs have not led a game in regulation this season.

Think about that. How crazy is that? How unlikely?

It's not like the Chiefs were expected to be one of the league's worst teams. Even those who thought the Chiefs would struggle this year have to admit that 1-5 and not having a lead all season is not where you expected them to be in Week 6.

The Chiefs have a bye coming up then they play the Raiders in Week 8. Oakland has owned the Chiefs at Arrowhead this season in the past five years so it's not unreasonable to think they come in and beat the Chiefs.

Then it's at San Diego. Then at Pittsburgh.

In other words, this thing could get even uglier.

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