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Chiefs vs. Bucs: This is the drive that ended the Chiefs

The Chiefs offense couldn't do anything so you knew they were done once Tampa Bay took a two score lead.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

With the way the Kansas City Chiefs offense was playing I figured the game was probably over once the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a two score lead. That score came at the beginning of the second half when Josh Freeman found Vincent Jackson for a 19-yard touchdown.

The big play of the drive came a play earlier when Doug Martin caught a pass and somehow created a 42-yard gain out of it. He clowned Justin Houston along the way.

Here's where Martin caught the ball and that's where Houston is:


He should make that tackle, right? It'd be a gain of a few yards at that point. But...


Martin is gone. That totals a 42-yard gain from Martin, most of it after the catch. He got the Bucs into the red zone and on the next play this is what happened...


Vincent Jackson. Remember him?! The Chiefs apparently didn't because they let Jackson catch the ball right in the middle of the field. Look at those players -- you almost have to try to all be an equal two yards away from him.

That was when I started to feel pretty bad about the game. With the way the offense was playing, I didn't think the Chiefs would be able to score to keep up. (I also didn't realize the defense would get beat down in the fourth quarter.)

The play by Martin is really a good microcosm of the Chiefs entire season -- the Chiefs are right there to make the stop but a mistake by one person screws it all up for everyone.

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