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So, Brady Quinn or Matt Cassel for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Which QB are you taking moving forward?

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

So do you go with Brady Quinn or Matt Cassel moving forward?

The Chiefs have seen Cassel for the last three years so they know what they have in him. They've seen Quinn for one game so they have less of an idea of what they have in him.

But if I'm the coach, I"m rolling with Quinn moving forward. He's my guy.

First, Quinn looked about the same in his start as Cassel did in the past three years -- they each miss receivers, turn the ball over and fail to complete any passes downfield. But while they look similar on the field, context is important. Cassel has been in this offense for three-plus years. Quinn has been in it for three-plus months. And they look the same. That's a point for Quinn.

Second, change for change's sake. This is what my argument boiled down to on the Chop Talk podcast last night -- change for change's sake. Nah, Quinn isn't much better or worse than Cassel and neither one is going to be the reason the Chiefs are successful this year. But we've seen Cassel for the last three years. We've only seen Quinn for one game. When all else is the same, change for change's sake.

Third, Quinn has the slightest semblance of hope right now. The unknown, the hope that he can become a better quarterback. As Chiefs fans, that's all we really have right now -- hope. We can hope Quinn is better. We can hope the Chiefs turn it around this season. We can hope Romeo Crennel knows what he's doing. All of our hopes will likely be dashed some point soon but don't take away a little bit of hope from us.

Let the Quinn era continue in Week 8 when the Chiefs return from their bye. Give him two full weeks of practice and see what he can do.

Cassel's not changing. He is who he is.

Quinn brings a little bit of hope that he can change and get better after his 13th career start.

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