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Crazy play: Blocked punt turns into a Chiefs interception return for a TD

Not even sure how to describe this.

J. Meric - Getty Images

You're here to see this play:


Follow along here:

1. The punt is blocked.

2. The punter picks it up in the end zone.

3. The punter attempts a pass.

4. Edgar Jones picks it off, lands in the end zone.

The big mistake was in No. 3 -- the punter never should've picked it up. He should've landed on it in the end zone for a safety. Instead, he basically hands the Chiefs a touchdown. If he had landed on it, it'd be a safety and the Bucs would be kicking off to the Chiefs, an offense who has done very little today.

The play was initially ruled down at the one yard line but a review showed Jones made it in for the touchdown.

This play keeps the Chiefs in the game. It's also their first touchdown in the last eight quarters.

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