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Chiefs embarrassed (again), losing to Bucs, 38-10

The Chiefs were blown out. Again.

J. Meric - Getty Images

It was another ugly one as the Kansas City Chiefs were once again blown out, this time by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The teams change but the results always seem to be the same -- a blowout Chiefs loss.

If you can handle the recap, it's below:


First play from scrimmage: Jamaal Charles has his helmet ripped off and exits the field with an apparent injury, but he's fine.

First drive of the Brady Quinn era: three-and-out. Oy.

Making matters worse is that Dustin Colquitt's punt was tipped and only traveled 22 yards, giving the Bucs great field position. But field position doesn't matter when you have JUSTIN HOUSTON:

Marv Albert off his game: confusing Nate Eachus for Jamaal Charles.

As the Chiefs are driving, trying to capitalize off the momentum from Houston's interception, Brady Quinn's pass is tipped in the air and intercepted by the Bucs.


Is that on Quinn? Hard to tell. Matt Cassel had a few interceptions off of tipped passes as well.

That marks the 20th -- !!!! -- turnover for the Chiefs this season. They were in the midst of an 11-play drive.

Eric Winston is penalized. The fan response:

It gets worse for the Chiefs. On the ensuing possession, Freeman goes deep to Mike Williams who makes the catch over Stanford Routt and runs it in for a 62-yard touchdown.


I'm not even sure what happened there. Routt is right on the play but A.) can't make the play on the ball and B.) can't make the tackle. That's a very 2012 Chiefs-type of problem -- can't make the play on the ball and then make things much worse by missing the tackle. Ugh.

Sam Mellinger with great timing on this one:


The Chiefs open the second quarter with a 14-play drive that results in a field goal. The Chiefs averaged almost four yards per play on that drive. KC took up half of the second quarter in time of possession on the drive.

Stats that describe the 2012 Chiefs: KC has had the ball for 17 minutes. The Bucs have had it for four minutes. The Chiefs are losing, 7-3.

The Chiefs are somewhat fortunate that Freeman has missed a couple of key throws. And the Bucs kicker missed a field goal attempt, keeping the score at 7-3.

Your halftime leaders:

  • Passing: Brady Quinn (11-of-17, 83 yards, 1 interception)
  • Rushing: Nate Eachus (14)
  • Receiving: Dexter McCluster (21)


The Bucs have few problems on the opening drive of the second half as Freeman hits Vincent Jackson for a 19-yard touchdown in the middle of the field -- making it 14-3 in favor of the Bucs. The drive also included a 42-yard catch and run from Doug Martin -- aided by a missed open field tackle by the Chiefs.

Meltdown time! Brady Quinn tries to hit McCluster on a slant but the ball is somehow picked off by Ronde Barber -- and returned 77 yards for a touchdown. That's 21-3 in favor of the Bucs.


The Chiefs finally catch a break with this play:


1. The punt is blocked.

2. The punter picks it up in the end zone.

3. The punter attempts a pass

4. Edgar Jones picks it off, lands at the one yard line.

The big mistake was in No. 3 -- the punter never should've picked it up. He should've landed on it in the end zone for a safety. Instead, he basically hands the Chiefs a touchdown.

That touchdown makes it 21-10, Bucs.

The Bucs make it 24-10 off of this play:


The ball is tipped in the air and Tiquan Underwood makes the catch and tacks on after that. Romeo Crennel screwed up by not challenging this play. Stanford Routt was covering him and touched Underwood before he made the catch. Underwood gained possession of the ball with his knee on the ground -- since Routt touched him, the refs could have ruled that he was down by contact. But absent a challenge, the call stood.

Shortly after that, the Bucs make it 24-10.

Freeman to Vincent Jackson makes it 31-10, Bucs. Yawn.

Blowout time: Another TD for the Bucs. This time by LeGarrette Blount.


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