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Chiefs coach on Brady Quinn vs. Matt Cassel: Experience is the big difference

Romeo Crennel talked about the move to Brady Quinn in Week 6.

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This was the statement from Romeo Crennel on Thursday that made the Kansas City Chiefs QB switch in Week 6 official:

"As far as Tampa Bay goes, Matt [Cassel] is not going to play this week and [Brady] Quinn will be the starter and [Ricky] Stanzi will be the backup."

And we're off! The Chiefs have a new quarterback this week, officially. This was a doctor's decision. Not the Chiefs or Cassel's decision.

Romeo talked about the change, what Quinn brings to the table and how he'll adjust to his first start in nearly three years.

What's the difference between Quinn and Cassel?

"They have similar skill sets. They both can throw the ball. They're both tall quarterbacks. They're both experienced. I think the thing that Matt has is more game time. That's the biggest difference, actual game time in the game. Quinn has been in the league, and he's been on different teams and he's seen different operations and how things are done. I think that he's excited about this opportunity. I think he'll be good and make the best of it."

Is Quinn ready to play?

"You might not have ridden a bicycle in a while, but as soon as you get back on it, you remember everything, you remember when you get back on it. I think that will be the same way here."

Will the game plan change?

"I think we game plan how we think we need to play the game. He can make the throws, so if we feel like shorter throws are better, we'll have shorter throws. If we feel like deeper throws are better, we'll throw deeper throws. If we feel like running the ball is better, then we'll run the ball.Whatever we have to do to give us the best chance. If the guy wasn't a worthy quarterback, he wouldn't be in the NFL."

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