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Brady Quinn starting for Chiefs: 3 questions about what this means

So, how long will it last?

Peter Aiken Getty Images Sport

The Brady Quinn era is here.

But we have no idea if that era will last more than one game. And we really have no idea if Quinn will be better than Matt Cassel.

I've got a few questions about this Brady Quinn era.

How long will it last?

Well. I don't know, but I can take a guess. If Quinn plays to a respectable level on Sunday, I wouldn't be surprised at all see Romeo go with the opposite approach Marty would take and play Quinn again after the bye. (Our Gannon moment, if you will.)

It all depends on this game though. If Quinn implodes, the Chiefs can easily decide to go back to Cassel. This is not a benching -- yet -- this is a replacement move. We don't know yet what this means for the future.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images Sport

Is Quinn really worse than Cassel?

"Say what you want about Cassel, but there's a reason Brady Quinn is the backup," said everyone who supported Cassel as the starter before the season. That included me.

Over the course of a career we could answer that question a little easier. But the bar has been lowered dramatically for Quinn as far as this season, and this game, is concerned. As long as he turns it over only once or twice, this will mark an upgrade for the Chiefs.

Chris McGrath / Getty Images Sport

Will the Chiefs pull in the reins on offense?

To hear Quinn say it then, no, the offense will not change. "No, I think if that's the case then you're limiting your offense and you're limiting your potential. We need to make sure we try to utilize everything we have in our playbook. We don't want to cut anything out."

Romeo said the same thing after making the announcement.

Of course, you can't go with a more conservative offense than the Chiefs had last week against the Ravens (...can you?) so if anything I'd expect the Chiefs to throw more with Quinn. You can't keep a game plan where you rush it 50 times every week...right? Right?

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