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Chiefs over/under: Brady Quinn passing yards, total rushing attempts

How many passing yards will Quinn have in Week 6? How about total rushing attempts? The over/under on the Chiefs is in.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

By the end of the first quarter of last Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs had 14 rushing attempts. In the second quarter, they added 20 more attempts. By the end of the third quarter, the total was at 42 rushing attempts and in all the Chiefs ended the game with 50 rushing attempts.

That's a very big number, if you didn't know.

So this week of course there are odds out on how many times the Chiefs will rush the ball. Bovada pegs the over/under at 37.5 times.

Me? I'm taking the under. While I think the Chiefs are loving the run game, their Week 6 opponent, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are last against the pass and fourth against the run. Logically, it seems we're set up for more passing than last week.

As for Brady Quinn's numbers, Bovada places the over/under on his passing yards at 220.5, which seems somewhat high if the Chiefs are going to hit 37.5 rushing attempts.

You've got the over/unders. Which one are you taking?

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