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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs news 10/11

Today's KC Chiefs news from across the internet.

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I told NJ Chiefs Fan I would cover Arrowheadlines for a couple days and he even sent a reminder so I didn't forget.

But of course I forgot.

Your late (and not as good as usual) edition of Arrowheadlines is here:

Winston said he's spoken with Cassel about the uproar.

"I told him I apologized to him for any unwanted attention he's gotten for this. This certainly obviously wasn't my intention here.

"He's laughed it off. He appreciated it."

Clark Hunt: A 'small few' do not represent Chiefs fans (KC Star)

"I hope the fact that he understands the offense and understands the system (means) he will be able to step in and be productive," Crennel said. "He's got some height, he's got experience, he can throw the ball down the field, he can throw it intermediate. He has a good command of the offense. He knows what's expected. He knows the calls and can get us into plays, out of plays.

"Now he has to go execute."

With start for Chiefs, Quinn could reclaim his career (KC Star)

Q: Are you surprised at the national attention that has been going on about this stuff that Eric Winston said after Sunday's game?

JOHNSON: "I've been in the league for eight years, so I'm never surprised with what the media does or shows on TV, but it is what it is. Eric Winston is my teammate, I stand by and we all stand by what he said and it is what it is. I've been here for eight years, I know we've got great fans - everybody wasn't involved in it. We have to get ready for Tampa Bay. It's one of those things where you don't want this to become a distraction. We need to get a win before this bye week comes up."

Player quotes (

Winston said he has received overwhelming support in the locker room but acknowledged he was "naive" to think his comments wouldn't gain traction nationally.

"If there was anything I could take back, and not even take back, just clarify more that I was speaking to the people who were cheering and not the total fan base," Winston said. "I realize how great the fans are here. That's the one thing I wish I was a little more clear about."

Clark Hunt: Chiefs fans know not to cheer injuries (

Chiefs fans have been the subject of national scrutiny this week. On Sunday, offensive lineman Eric Winston laid into fans he believes were cheering after quarterback Matt Cassel was injured in a 9-6 loss to Baltimore.

''I think the majority of the Chiefs fans are not going to cheer a player getting hurt. I think the majority of Chiefs fans support the Chiefs. They want the chiefs to win,'' Crennel said. ''Are they frustrated? Yes, they're frustrated, just like we're frustrated.''

Chiefs coach defends Chiefs fans (

The relationship between the Kansas City Chiefs and the people of Kansas City can be attributed, for the most part to three men - a robust mayor, a former All-American football player, and one of the nation's leading Chamber of Commerce executives. They were the key figures in events which culminated May 22, 1963 with the announcement by Lamar Hunt that he was moving his Dallas Texans to the Heart of America.

The Texans are KC's: The men responsible (

I've got several theories and it is probably a combination of all of them that creates the embarrassing situation that unfolded in Kansas City on Sunday. None of these excuse the disgusting behavior but they could help to explain it.

Let's start with video games. The proliferation of popular video games like the Madden franchise has only served to increase the disconnect that some fans have in terms of realizing that these professional football players are, in fact, human beings themselves. Because everything else in video games likeCall of Duty and Grant Theft Auto is make believe and fictitious I think sometimes there are fans that almost forget that the players are real and not just characters in some video game they play.

Evolution (Ross Tucker)

Video: Inside the locker room

Video: Romeo Crennel press conference

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