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Kansas City Chiefs get a glimpse of Brady Quinn

With Matt Cassel concussed, Quinn could be playing this weekend.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Not many people think Matt Cassel will be suiting up for the Kansas City Chiefs when they go on the road to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6. The Chiefs haven't made a formal decision but the popular guess right now is that Cassel will not play.

So that brings us to the next man up -- Brady Quinn.

That's my guy. As many of you have read from here over the years, I was a big Quinn fan as he came out of Notre Dame. The Chiefs had a shot to draft him in 2007 before the Browns swooped in directly in front of them -- a very painful situation for me as a fan at the time -- and picked him ahead of KC. I thought his numbers at Notre Dame indicated he was on the path to be a successful quarterback.

Obviously I've been wrong to this point.

So what's the story with Quinn? Romeo Crennel, take it away:

"Well he was a good talent coming out, there's no doubt about it. He was a productive quarterback, he had command of his offense that he ran up at Notre Dame and the weapons that he had with him. When he got to us, we didn't have quite as many weapons as he had there at Notre Dame, so learning a new system and not having the weapons, he wasn't quite as effective as he had been at Notre Dame. And then he got hurt also, so that impacted his development. Then I had to take a leave of absence and then he ended up going to a couple different places, and most recently he was up at Denver."

He has a lot more weapons in Kansas City. It's definitely concerning that Quinn has been on multiple teams so early in his career but he has less than a full season of starting experience so there's the tiniest bit of hope/potential there.

Really, though, as long as Quinn turns it over less than three times a game, the Chiefs will be in a better position to win. That tells you how low the bar is.

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