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Shouldn't the KC Chiefs say something?

Turmoil has hit the team. Where are the leaders of the franchise?


Shouldn't the Chiefs be saying something by now?

UPDATE: And now they have -- statement from Clark Hunt.

Let's review what has happened:

*Two writers from the biggest media outlet in town ripped Scott Pioli on the same day -- Kent Babb saying the Chiefs will never win big with him in charge and Sam Mellinger calling for Clark Hunt to fire him.

*A banner, paid for by Chiefs fans at Chiefs Planet, flew over Sunday's game calling for the firing of Pioli and benching of Matt Cassel.

*Cassel, the face of the team, suffered a concussion, and an ugly situation ensued.

*Winston said what he said and he's been on ESPN nonstop ever since. (I can't remember the last time the Chiefs dominated the ESPN news cycle like that. Can you?)

*The team is currently 1-4.

It's almost to the point where it's awkward that they haven't said anything considering all that's gone on, and I'm not even talking about some sort of confession here. A statement recognizing the current situation. I don't really put this totally on Romeo Crennel, either. He briefly touched on Winston's words at Monday's press conference but many of these issues are about those higher than him.

Maybe they're waiting until the bye week. Or maybe it's this, via Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports:

Not helping matters is the incomprehensibly stupid approach that general managers shouldn't talk to the media - advice from former NFL coach and Miami Dolphins head of football operations Bill Parcells to Pioli and others, according to two sources familiar with the relationships. General managers should exist but not be heard, goes the theory.

Pioli has been a little more visible leading up to this year but it's not enough if he's not around during times like these. It's easy to show up at the Combine and talk prospects or discuss the team before the start of the season; not so easy to discuss 1-4.

It just seems weird that all this has gone down and we haven't heard anything from Pioli or Hunt. (Hint: this is what we mean when we talk about the disconnect from the fans and the team.)

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