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Romeo Crennel talks Chargers-Chiefs: 'I was not expecting us to play that way'

The day after the game, Romeo Crennel was as disappointed in the Chiefs as he was the day before.

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Romeo Crennel is as disappointed today as he was yesterday with the Kansas City Chiefs performance in the 37-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

If you can do the day-after thing, here's what Romeo said about Sunday's game.

"We are really disappointed in the way that we played yesterday," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "Particularly at home, at Arrowhead, a division game. I really can't tell you why we played the way we played. I was not expecting us to play that way."

At home. That's the thing. Chargers fans were enjoying their trip to Arrowhead.


"The game unfolded and we turned the ball over and against any football team, if you turn the ball over it's hard to win. We tried to rally a little bit in the third quarter but it wasn't enough of a rally to make any difference. Some of the things were uncharacteristic. Jamaal [Charles] usually doesn't fumble, he hangs on to it pretty good. But he ended up having a couple. We threw some interceptions that hurt. Six turnovers in the course of the game - three fumbles and three interceptions. That's tremendously hard to overcome."

Again, a big understatement. Any stat folks out there know how many times, if ever a team has won with six turnovers?

"And then defensively, even though they were put in tough situations, there were some things that we didn't do defensively that could have gotten us off the field on the first drive, two third downs that one we got a penalty on and one we let them complete a ball that kept us on the field and they ended up with a touchdown as a result of it."

The defense played a lot better in the second half. The Chargers started a few drives in Chiefs territory so it's hard to fault them too much. In fact, six turnovers and only 37 points? Not too bad!


"But we will continue to pull together, continue to work to get it better. I don't know that I haven't seen a half like that where you have six turnovers in one half. Usually if you have six turnovers in a game that's too many, but to have them almost in a half, four in the first 16 plays, that's tough."

That's the worst part about yesterday. The Chiefs threw a pick on the first possession and fumbled on the second one. 17-0 like that. You knew it was over.

"So we're disappointed, we're disappointed for the fans, we're disappointed for the players and we're going to try to do better and we're going to try to work to make it better. And I understand that there's a lot of disappointment out there and I'm disappointed as well. We're going to try to work to get it better."

There is a lot of disappointment. Everyone expected this season to be better. One of our last memories of Romeo from last season was nearly rescuing the Chiefs. We've been happy with his work on the defense. We thought this would be better.

"I still think that we have talent on the team but the talent has to play better. That's what I told them today, that we have to play better so that we can be more competitive so that we can be in the games and have a chance to win. Otherwise, if we keep turning the ball over, keep letting them score touchdowns rather than attempt field goals, that it's going to be pretty tough.

"Hopefully they got the message, hopefully they understand, and then we'll see if we can go back to work and improve."

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