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Report: Matt Cassel 'losing confidence' from Chiefs

Matt Cassel is "losing confidence from players and many others in the organization" according to a report from Yahoo! Sports.

John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The latest story from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports shouldn't surprise you.

Cole writes that Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is "losing confidence from players and many others in the organization" with his start to the season.

Romeo: 'I'm staying with the QB'

A source tells Cole:

"Look, there's a big reason why they went after Peyton Manning as hard as they did this offseason," said a source with knowledge of Chiefs president Scott Pioli's thinking. "What you're seeing from Cassel is pretty much what was expected. He's a really nice backup, not a starter."

This comes off as an explosive story but, really, it shouldn't be.

We all see the games. We all see how Cassel plays. Just because you're a player on the field or a coach in the box doesn't mean you don't see the same things, and feel the same way about the play from the quarterback.

This is one of the few reports we've seen that suggests the Chiefs are losing confidence in Cassel, which is why its notable. On the surface, the Chiefs have done nothing but support Cassel, as Romeo Crennel did on Sunday (unprompted, mind you).

But, again, we all see the games. We all see the numbers. It's obvious to everyone. We shouldn't be sugarcoating it anymore. I think the Chiefs at this point would be best-served to acknowledge that A.) Cassel is struggling badly and B.) that his starting job is not secure.

The one thing keeping Cassel in his starting spot right now?

The absence of anyone behind him.

It's going to be interesting to see how the Chiefs respond to this. Do they come out in support of Cassel, as they've done when adversity hits in the last three and a half years? Or do they acknowledge that he may not have what it takes?

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