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What was up with the Chargers onside kick?

No one seems to know why the Chargers attempted an onside kick with less than two minutes remaining.

John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

One area of Sunday's game between the KC Chiefs and San Diego Chargers we haven't touched on is that bizarre onside kick from the Chargers. With less than two minutes remaining and nursing a 17-point lead, the Chargers kicked an onside for some reason. The Chiefs recovered but the game was essentially over at that point.

So why, exactly, did the Chargers attempt the onside?

I don't know. Talking to players after the game, no one else seemed to know either.

Romeo Crennel apparently talked with Norv Turner after the game and when asked what they were talking about, Crennel said, "We were talking about the game. If Norv wants to talk about what we said, then talk to Norv."

So it seems as if there was something that happened, but I don't know what.

Chiefs players didn't want to fuel the flames after they were just beat down so no one really offered up a reason as to why San Diego did that.

Javier Arenas said he was "shocked" when the onside came. "We kind of did not expect it," Arenas said. "But, it's the type of ball they wanted to play. When we go over there, we've got to be ready to go four quarters."

The best response to what happened came from Stanford Routt: "One thing my dad always told me was that if you want to get a bully off your back, there's only one way. Plain and simple."

The bully ended up winning this round but I still can't figure out what the onside was for. Complaining about it is pretty weak after you just lost big but my curiosity still has the best of me.

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