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Report Says Jack Del Rio Will Interview With Chiefs

Interesting report coming out of KCTV5, the CBS affiliate here in KC. Michael Coleman reports that the Kansas City Chiefs will interview Jack Del Rio for the head coaching job sometime on Friday. Del Rio, of course, was fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this year. He was a linebacker for the Chiefs in the '80s.

I'd be shocked if this was the move they ultimately made. It just doesn't make very much sense right now. I think the question for Chiefs candidates is: Are you better than Romeo Crennel? And I don't think you can say that without a doubt about Del Rio.

He's not exactly an inspiring candidate but, then again, neither was John Fox and Denver's in the playoffs this year.

This is the second "big name" guy we've heard connected to the Chiefs via a local report. Bob Gretz reported on Wednesday that the Chiefs interviewed Jeff Fisher last week.

While Del Rio may not make a ton of sense as a head coach, he might at defensive coordinator. The Chiefs could be hiring one depending on how the Romeo Crennel situation works out. That's something to keep in mind.

We should also point out the curious source behind this report. KCTV5's Michael Coleman doesn't have a track record of breaking Chiefs news here in KC. I'm not saying it's false or anything (In fact, it sounds like a Chiefs-type of move).I'm just pointing out that it raised my eyebrows. It was unusual.

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