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The Josh McDaniels-To-The-Chiefs Talk Has Dried Up

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One of the constants while tracking the Kansas City Chiefs coaching rumor mill has been Josh McDaniels. Whether he was coming here to be a head coach (he's not) or in an offensive coordinator role, a lot of the rumor mill stuff has involved McDaniels coming to KC.

Lately, though, it seems the Josh McDaniels-to-KC talk has dried up, even as the offensive coordinator.

"I don't think Josh McDaniels is going to be an offensive coordinator in Kansas City," NFL Network's Michael Lombardi said on Wednesday. "I think there will be some other opportunities down the road, probably shortly, for Josh McDaniels. No longer in St. Louis with the Rams being fired so I don't think Kansas City's in the cards."

McDaniels, as far as I know, hasn't technically been fired but the Rams recognized he could end up leaving.

While Lombardi reports that McDaniels-to-KC is no longer expected to happen, he does still predict that Romeo Crennel will end up being the full-time head coach. Despite a couple of the Chiefs coaching candidates getting out there, it seems like most everyone still believes Crennel will get that job.

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