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Kansas City Chiefs Final Grade For The 2011 Season

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The Kansas City Chiefs season is over and we ran a poll a couple days ago asking everyone to grade the Chiefs 2011-12 season. The results are in and they're about what we expected -- most people say the Chiefs deserve a C.

Out of over 1,100 votes, 54 percent, a majority, said the Chiefs season grade is a C. The final votes look like this:

  • A: 0%
  • B: 8%
  • C: 54%
  • D: 33%
  • F: 3%

I think a C is the best place to put them. The season certainly didn't go the way we thought it would with a few losing streaks and a big winning streak but at the beginning of the season I thought the Chiefs would be somewhere between 7-9 wins and that's where they ended up.

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