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Ranking The AFC West Quarterbacks

It's the offseason and not much is going on with the Kansas City Chiefs so we're going to be breaking out the blogger's best friend: Lists! Yes, lists. The best XXX or the top five XXX. Whatever.

Today I wanted to rank the AFC West quarterbacks for no good reason. Here's how I see all the AFC West quarterbacks shaking out . There are definitely some arguments in there. What would you change about the list below?

1. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers: Yeah, he had a down year in 2011 but he's still the best of the bunch here. He was the fourth overall pick eight years ago and he's been worth it. The Chargers haven't won a Super Bowl in that time frame and some wonder if their window is opening but, regardless, Rivers is the best AFC West quarterback.

2. Carson Palmer, Oakland Raiders: This is as much about Palmer's past performance as it is his future performance. Last year, he was so-so throwing 13 touchdown passes to 16 interceptions in just over half a season. In the future, though, I expect his numbers to get better. Based on his first nine years in the league, I think Palmer is better than both the Chiefs and Broncos quarterbacks.

3. Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs: Maybe an argument that he should be above Palmer. But right now I think he's the third best quarterback in the AFC West. He's pretty inconsistent from season-to-season so I don't think I can put him above Palmer.

4. Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos: Yes, the one playoff quarterback in this group is ranked last. I don't wanna start another wild Tim Tebow fight but based on the most simple break down of the job of a quarterback -- completing passes to receivers -- Tebow ranks last.

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