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The Latest Peyton Manning Rumors

The Peyton Manning story is one that's big enough that most fan bases will be interested in following so we'll highlight some of the big developments that crop up over the next few weeks.

This morning, there's not a whole lot of new information -- just a bunch of rumors. But some interesting rumors, including more predictions that Manning could be done.

There was a report from over the weekend that Colts owner Jim Irsay had already made the decision to release Manning but Peter King of says Irsay strongly denied that. King reported that Manning is having trouble getting healthy and with his big roster bonus due on March 8 it's hard to envision a scenario where Manning is with the Colts past that date.

There are also a few reporters who are saying that, if they had to guess right now, they'd say Manning is more likely to retire. That doesn't mean he will -- just that we need to remember that retirement is a possibility here.

Things can change, and they usually do, but right now it looks like Manning is either A.) going to be a free agent or B.) retire.

And, if you thought ESPN covering Tim Tebow was bad, just wait until Manning is a free agent.

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