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Kansas City Chiefs Could Have Several Spots Open On Coaching Staff

The Kansas City Chiefs could enter the 2012 season with multiple coaching spots to fill if things fall the way we think they will. We think Romeo Crennel will get the head coaching job and, according to reports, we think Bill Muir will "likely" retire.

So if that scenario plays out then the Chiefs could have multiple coaching spots to fill, along with whatever other natural attrition comes up.

First, it would be a defensive coordinator. Crennel was the team's defensive coordinator under Todd Haley and continued in that role when he took over as interim coach. He was asked at Monday's season-ending press conference if he would hire a defensive coordinator if he were given the full-time job and he didn't give a clear answer. Basically, he would evaluate his options.

Second, the Chiefs could need a new offensive coordinator. Reports dating back several weeks have indicated the Chiefs will be looking for offensive coordinators but Muir is stilli officially in that position. That said, if Muir does retire, as it's been suggested, then the Chiefs will be looking for a new offensive coorinator.

Third, the Chiefs could need a new offensive line coach if Muir retires. He held both positions and Pat Perles helped him out on the offensive line.

Fourth, if Crennel is named head coach, he could choose to make other coaching changes. We just don't know what those are yet.

So the Chiefs very well could be busy this year in the coaching department. I suspect they've already got a good idea of what's going to happen.

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