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Romeo Crennel's Final Message To The 2011 Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs video crew, 65 Toss Power Trap, has an awesome look at the Chiefs locker room following the win over the Denver Broncos. Romeo Crennel addressed the team and it sounded like he was preparing to continue as Chiefs head coach (and I think he'd be a good bet).

That decision will come at some point but check out the video at If you're at work and can't hide watching Chiefs videos at work, I snagged a few good quotes below.

  • "You fought your tails off and it paid off for you in the end. That's the way you have to do it all the time. Like I told you, this was the end of the 2011 season but it's the beginning of 2012. Happy New Year!"
  • "The power of one, guys. I knew we had it today. Everybody made a contribution, everybody helped and that's what it takes in the NFL. Going forward, we don't know what's going to happen. The chips are going to fall where they may for me, for you and for whoever else. But we finished on a good note, got a good taste in our mouth. We're going to enjoy the flight back home. We're going to enjoy the offseason and then we're going to get ready for the next year."
  • "And then this other guy [looks for Casey Wiegmann], he doesn't like much notoriety but Casey...where is he? Casey! Casey! [Cheers] Listen up. He's played over 11,000 consecutive snaps in the NFL."

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