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Chiefs' Matt Cassel Helps Neighbors Escape House Fire

Yesterday morning a buddy of mine called me up to tell me about a big fire out at a house in Loch Lloyd, which is just south of Kansas City, Mo. Loch Lloyd is a very, very nice area with very, very big houses. (As a blogger, I can obviously relate to this living in the lap of luxury.)

And he also told me that the rumor out that way is that Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, who lives in the area, saved the day by warning the neighbors and calling the police. I really wanted to blog about this story but unfortunately we don't (always) run this blog like the wild, wild west where anything and everything is posted.

So we didn't post it and now I wake up this morning to hear the real story, which is basically the one we heard yesterday.

KMBC 9 did the real reporting and multiple neighbors tell them Cassel saw his neighbor's house on fire, ran over there ringing the doorbell, banging on the door and circling the house to alert them until they came out. The neighbor realized what was up, exited the house and the emergency crews showed up.

Cassel, of course, didn't want any credit for his actions (though his neighbors say he should get some). A neighbor passed this along from Cassel to KMBC: "I wasn't heroic at all. I just ran up to the house and alerted them. The real heroes are the firefighters."

We'll complain about Cassel on the field but it's hard to find anyone in the community, especially in his own neighborhood after this incident, to say anything negative about the guy off the field.

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