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Todd Haley's Paycheck From The Chiefs Comes Into Question

And we thought this was all over.

Apparently not.

Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 Sports in Phoenix is reporting that he is "[h]earing" that the Chiefs are "refusing" to pay Todd Haley the remainder of his contract, which suggests that Haley was fired for cause. As in did something detrimental to the team.

And, before anyone asks, playing Tyler Palko probably isn't a reason to fire him, especially when GM Scott Pioli already said, "That was not an issue at all." (I'm not sure the people saying playing Palko is a reason to be fired with cause are actually serious or not...I'm assuming not.)

These are issues usually resolved between the coach, team and the league so the process will move somewhere in that direction if it is indeed accurate.

It used to be the Raiders were the only team who had stories like this written about them, the alleged (and denied) phone bugging and the firing of a coach with cause.

Uh-oh: Are the Chiefs becoming the Raiders?

(Edit: They're actually like seven straight four-win seasons from being the Raiders.)

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