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It's Time For The Kansas City Chiefs To Make That Move

Let's face it, this is a boring time on the football calendar unless you're a Giants or Patriots fan. Considering none of us are, the days drag on in anticipation of free agency and eventually, the draft.

While we wait, here's some food for thought on the coming off-season and what the Kansas City Chiefs need to do...

When someone looks at the roster, they see a very competitive and young team with multiple stars.

On defense, the talent is both immense and undeniable. Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr are both exceptional corners. Kendrick Lewis is an underrated player because he lines up next to Eric Berry. This secondary is hands-down the best the NFL has to offer.

The linebackers aren't too far behind that group. Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson are both tremendous players, legitimate stars and rising ones. Justin Houston looked dazed and confused early in the season, but came on strong and looks like he could be the next important piece added to the puzzle.

While Jovan Belcher isn't a star by any means he's not a disaster. If Belcher is the worst player out of the four starting LB's, your team is in great shape.

On the defensive line, it gets interesting. I personally like Glenn Dorsey. He's excellent against the run and brutal rushing the passer. However, I can live with that trade off considering the Chiefs personnel around him. Tyson Jackson is developing into, if nothing else, a rotational guy. He'll never come close to what his draft slot indicates he should be, but he's a decent NFL player. Factor in that Allen Bailey and Wallace Gilberry can rotate in, and it's not a bad unit.

The nose tackle is the biggest problem on defense. Kelly Gregg isn't the answer (no shock there) and unless you're pushing in all your chips with Jerrell Powe or Amon Gordon, Kansas City needs help at that position. With that said, you can address that spot in the middle rounds (2-4) of the draft and come away with a player.

Offensively, the Chiefs are loaded at the skill positions IF everyone is healthy. Jamaal Charles is the best running back in the NFL and with Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston and Jonathan Baldwin the receivers aren't exactly slouches. Tony Moeaki could also develop into one of the best tight ends going provided he can avoid the injury bug. Not to mention Dexter McCluster and Le'Ron McClain aren't bums either.

I know heat is coming for this, but I believe Branden Albert is a good left tackle. He certainly isn't going to make people forget Willie Roaf, but he can more than hold his own. Jon Asamoah is a stud right guard and Rodney Hudson should do just fine at center.

The big hole on the line Barry Richardson, who looks like he's accept checks from the other 31 teams. Ryan Lilja may need to be replaced as well, but that's not the end of the world trying to find a serviceable left guard

My point with all of this? The Chiefs need to make a move for a franchise QB come April 26th. Everything else can be filled in between late round picks and free agency.

The Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman has come out and said he's "more than willing" to take offers for the No. 3 overall pick. What would Kansas City need to part with in order to move up eight or nine (depending on the coin toss) spots?

Well, obviously the Chiefs first rounder this year would be part of the deal. If I were making the call, I would offer first, second, and fifth round picks for 2012 and the 2013 first round pick as well. It's a steep price, but to be great, risks are often required.

Don't tell me about franchising Bowe or Carr and trading them in the deal. Why trade a piece that will help Kansas City get to the Super Bowl? You're just trading a problem for another problem. Give Minnesota the picks that it wants.

Think about it, you're in essence giving up a second and fifth rounder this season for Robert Griffin III in all probability. If he plays like Cam Newton, the Chiefs will be deep in the playoffs next year and the Vikings will be drafting late in the first round. It's worth the risk if Scott Pioli feels that Griffin III is the real deal.

The argument of Orton or Cassel is both redundant and uninspiring. For the record, give me Cassel because he won't lose the game. With the way Kansas City is set up, I think that's the way to go. However, neither of them are ever going to be knocking on Canton's door. Bickering back and forth over them is like arguing whether you want to be punched in the eye or mouth. Both are going to hurt, and neither is pretty.

Scott Pioli needs to make a career-defining move in Kansas City. Look around, this team is ready to win right now. How many of you watched the AFC Championship game and thought the Chiefs could be there with a good QB?

It's time to step up and take a chance.

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